Safety Study review 

For safety studies, in particular for QRA and fire and explosion studies  it is increasingly easy to obtain a certain result but the interpretation of the results and the reliability of the methods used to obtain them may not be as easily attained.  In some markets, the lowest bidder wins the RFP and this sometimes means a less thorough product delivered to the operator. 

We have therefore seen increasing need for the review of safety studies over the last 5 years,  in particular for QRA and fire and explosion studies as well as safety cases. Issues such as: the number of cases considered for dispersion and explosion, the ignition probability model used have key impacts on the outcomes of many types of studies and care needs to be taken when addressing these.  A good review will ensure that any study will adhere to a minimum requirement to guarantee reliable outcomes and that if any processes are deficient, that the deficiency does not affect the final result outcome. One example is the quality of a 3D geometry used for simulations. Is the level of detail suitable for the type of study undertaken ? Have simplifications resulted in a large uncertainty in the results? For example, for the purpose of  explosion modelling, the omission of certain details in the geometry can result in an underestimate of the overpressures by one to two orders of magnitude. 

Our most experienced staff have had many years' experience in carrying out and using the results of safety studies.