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Fire and Explosion Modelling and Gas Dispersion

Advanced Analysis performs a variety of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Studies including for Fires and Explosions, Fire and Gas Detection studies, Flammable and Toxic Dispersion, as well as Multiphase Flows and Subsea Releases.

There is often a need to performe detailed CFD modelling to calculate consequence and exceedance, as well as, compare layout options, examine the benefit of incorporating additional fire/blast walls, determine Design Accidental Loading (DALs). We have carried out hundreds of  such studies including: 


  • Consequence analysis for targeted events;

  • Probabilistic Analysis for onshore and offshore facilities; 

  • Optimisation of equipment layouts/orientation;

  • Maximisation of natural ventilation and blast venting;

  • Impact of fire/blast wall layout and additional barriers;

  • Benefit of additional fire/blast barriers;

  • Optimisation of gaps between modules;

  • Plated versus grated decks​

Advanced Analysis has designed exploCFD, an explosion modelling  software which is easy-to-use and far more accurate than existing analytical relations. Our experts also have unparalleled expertise in a number of other software, including FLACS, EXSIM, FLUENT, and others.

Dispersion Calculation in exploCFD

Dispersion Calculation in exploCFD

Multi-phase simulation in Ansys

CFD Multiphase simulation in Ansys

Dust explosion in exploCFD

Dust explosion in exploCFD

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