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Advanced Analysis Software

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Advanced Drawing Digitization and Analysis

Advanced Analysis has deep expertise and unparalleled capability  in the Analysis and Digitization of P&IDs PFDs and other drawings.  

The digitization space has been developing rapidly has been finding new applications and technologies including the development of what is now known as Digital Twins. 

Several processes in engineering rely on the accurate extraction of large amounts of data from a large number of drawings such as P&IDs and plot plans building plans and layouts and other drawings. This includes Maintenance AI  RCM RAM parts counts, QRA Digitization efforts and material takeoff related to construction. Advanced analysis has been involved in all of these as an advanced software technology and technical consultancy services provider.

Advanced analysis, is also heavily involved in the safety area by developing advanced software focused on the modelling of fires and explosions as well as implementing them for various clients around the world. Our clients include nearly all the major oil and gas providers, including ADNOC, KJO,  Petronas, Woodside and many others.

DigiTWIN : An Advanced digitisation tool released August 19 2019


Starting in 2016 and continuing till 2019, Advanced Analysis undertook an ambitious development of an advanced drawing analysis software, in collaboration with LR,  designed to digitize drawings and their data. The software built upon the platform of the company's PIDPartsCount.  The result is the new DigiTWIN software which excels in automatically digitizing the information in not only P&IDs, but also plot plans, building drawings among a whole lot of other applications. The development has means that the core digitization capability has been enhanced significantly, and importantly, that the process is more user friendly, faster, and the costs are about a quarter of what they were. The software will provide Advanced Analysis with a powerful tool to remain ahead of the pack in the digitization space, and more new applications and interfaces are also now possible.  The software is also now  available  for lease  worldwide.