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Dust Dispersion Simulation

The Most Advanced Model in the World Now Available in exploCFD

24-01-2024 - The latest update of exploCFD introduces new capabilities in dust dispersion simulation, making it the only consequence analysis software in the world capable of accurately modeling the size, location, and composition of dust clouds. Unlike traditional methods, exploCFD allows users to precisely simulate real explosions from the actual dust cloud, eliminating reliance on empirical parameters and estimates.

Innovative Hybrid Approach Detailed in Journal Publication: 'Enhancing Flammable Gas Dispersion and Explosion Prediction' With Special Focus on Hydrogen

10-01-2024 - In an exciting update, Advanced Analysis Australia is pleased to share the release of a significant research paper in the Journal of Process Safety and Environmental Protection. Titled "Enhancing Flammable Gas Dispersion and Explosion Prediction: A Novel Hybrid Analytical-Numerical Approach with exploCFD," the paper highlights important progress in explosion consequence analysis.

The article explores a new approach that combines analytical and numerical methods, showcasing its potential to improve predictions of flammable gas dispersion and explosion scenarios particularly for hydrogen. This innovative method, featuring exploCFD, aims to make explosion consequence analysis more accurate and efficient in various industrial applications.

This publication reflects Advanced Analysis Australia's commitment to advancing safety and environmental protection in the process industry. Dedication to finding new and improved techniques is evident in this thorough exploration of an approach that has the potential to impact industry standards.

Development, Validation and Application in Complex Geometry of a Hybrid Method for Modelling High Explosive Detonations

04-12-2023 - Advanced Analysis Australia participated in the 26th MABS International Symposium on Military Aspects of Blast and Shock, which took place in Wollongong, NSW, from December 3rd to 8th, 2023.

Dr. Madhat Abdel-Jawad presented on the latest improvements in exploCFD, offering insights into the validation and application of this technology for modeling high explosives. 

The presented results showcase the efficacy of the hybrid method in accurately modelling high explosive detonations within complex geometries, thereby offering valuable insights for practical engineering scenarios.

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exploCFD logo

The fastest, easiest-to-use and most cost-effective consequence analysis software currently available

Gas Explosion using exploCFD

Gas Explosion

exploCFD is one of the easiest-to-use consequence analysis tools for explosion modelling

Detailed Wall Overpressure

Confined spaces and detailed wall overpressures are simulated in a fast, reliable and repeatable manner, displaying the superiority of exploCFD

Detailed Wall Overpressure exploCFD
Hydrogen Validation in exploCFD

Hydrogen Validation Cases

exploCFD is the only process safety consequence analysis tool that allows you to run your own validation scenarios

Battery Energy Storage System

Li-ion batteries are occasionally prone to failure, releasing toxic and flammable gases. exploCFD can model jet fires and overpressures from a developing internal explosion 

BESS in exploCFD

Advanced Analysis and exploCFD
serving the following
Safety Hazards Sectors


exploCFD offshore capabilities

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

BLEVE calculation on exploCFD

Oil and Gas

Dispersion Calculation in exploCFD

Power and Renewables

BESS in exploCFD

Dust in the Process Industry

Explosion Simulation in exploCFD


Ammonia in exploCFD
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The fastest, easiest-to-use and most cost-effective consequence analysis software currently available


We specialise in fire and explosion and other accident investigations for the oil and gas sector and the chemical industries. This includes  loss of containment of toxics  (including H2S), as well as structural response to fire and explosions in the course of accident events.


We have some of the best  experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD for fire and explosion consequence analysis,  Thermal Plume Studies and Helideck studies.


Finite Element Analysis FEA and other analysis to characterize structural response of platforms, concrete buildings and other structures to various loads including fires and explosions.


Our Consultants have extensive experience with safety studies for both  onshore and offshore oil and gas production facilities.  Our QRA's are simply carried out faster, are more accurate and cost less because we employ the latest automated parts count methodology. 

How confident are you in the accuracy of your safety study?

Let us help. We offer speedy and dependable revisions of QRA, fire, explosion, and safety studies, providing feedback on the reliability of results and methodology used.

Our team also reviews safety reports from external consultants, ensuring the accuracy and quality of your studies and keeping your clients satisfied.


Contact us to learn more.

Did an accident recently occur in your facility? Are you seeking assistance in investigating the causes and preventing future accidents?

If an accident has occurred in your facility and you need help investigating the causes and preventing future incidents, Advanced Analysis can assist you.


Our engineers have extensive experience in accident investigations and have worked on cases such as explosions in the metal processing industry, crude oil explosions, and dust explosions in manufacturing plants.

We believe in sharing our lessons learned with the process safety management industry through case studies from some of the more interesting accidents we have investigated. By sharing knowledge and best practices, we can prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. Visit our case studies page to learn more.

Our aim is to help you maintain a safe working environment for your employees while minimizing risks to your business.


Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Thought CFD was difficult and expensive?

Gone are the days when CFD was difficult and expensive.


With exploCFD, process safety management has never been easier. Our user-friendly tool is both affordable and powerful, leaving traditional 1D solutions in the dust.


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