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exploCFD wins the 2020 IChemE Global Process Safety Award 


19-11-2020 Dr. Madhat Abdel-jawad MD of Advanced Analysis gave a presentation to the  IChemE Process Safety 2020 Global Award panel last night about our innovative and increasingly popular explosion modelling software exploCFD. We are proud to announce that, exploCFD was selected as the 2020 winner. exploCFD is the first dedicated hybrid code for the modelling of explosions. 


The progress of  exploCFD has been fast even by todays tech. standards. This has been helped by some very active clients who have actively sought to improve the product with their suggestions and tests.


Hybrid consequence analysis methods are set to revolutionise the field of explosion modelling as they are designed to be faster and much easier to use than traditional CFD. Yet they deliver results within the uncertainty of the traditional CFD itself hence far more accurate than pure analytical methods. 

Hybrid methods calculate the source of the explosion using an analytical model like Prugh’s method for a BLEVE, CSC for a gas explosion, TNT equivalence for an explosive charge or others. The results from that analytical calculation are fed  as an input to an open source CFD solver. The solver is configured as a 2D calculation so that it  runs faster, gives results that are far more detailed than pure analytical methods and slightly more conservative than the state of the art CFD, yet within the same margin of uncertainty. What’s not discussed often enough, is that  this conservatism is needed given the large uncertainties in 3D CFD.  Another innovation was also added to speed up the process. This is the capability to import a plot plan or an elevation drawing  and have exploCFD convert the pdf directly into a grid, thereby saving the engineer the huge task of modelling the geometry and making these calculations accessible cheaply and quickly. 

Multi-disciplinary Advanced Engineering Consultants and Software Developers.  Pioneers in Engineering Automation and Digitisation.




We specialise in fire and explosion and other accident investigations for the oil and gas sector and the chemical industries. This includes  loss of containment of toxics  (including H2S), as well as structural response to fire and explosions in the course of accident events.

Fire and Explosion CFD, Helideck and Thermal Plume 

 We have some of the best  experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD for fire and explosion consequence analysis,  Thermal Plume Studies and Helideck studies. 


FEA / Vessel Calcs

Finite Element Analysis FEA and other analysis to characterise  structural response of platforms, concrete buildings and other structures to various loads including   Fires and explosions.


QRA/Parts Count, BRA, and other Safety Studies

Our Consultants have extensive experience with safety studies for both  onshore and offshore oil and gas production facilities.  Our QRA's are simply carried out faster, are more accurate and cost less because we employ the latest automated parts count methodology.  


Advanced Analysis is an independent high tech company of multi-disciplinary advanced engineering consultants and software developers.  We are pioneers in engineering automation, digitisation and advanced modelling.

Advanced Analysis was established January 2016  by Dr. Madhat Abdel-jawad:  A former rocket scientist with over 15 years’ experience in advanced engineering.  We work in the areas of technical safety specializing in the modelling and of  fires and explosions,  accident investigations and advanced modelling of fluid-structural interaction. We also carry out consulting and develop advanced  software for engineering, scientific, and health problems for corporations   insurance companies, government agencies and other entities.


The majority of our people are PhD qualified experts in their fields.


Our team includes safety consulting engineers, medical experts and expert programmers who have worked with nearly every operator and many large engineering houses around the world  with some of the most advanced techniques currently available which invariably means faster, higher quality and lower cost for our clients. 

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