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Helideck Studies and Thermal Plume Analysis

Helideck study

Helideck studies are performed using CFD. Typically, a  study will include simulations of wind flow to assess if general air flow conditions above helideck is in line with requirements of the CAP 437 standard.


The result from the analysis is usually compared to the requirements of the relevant standard (often CAP 437) and it identifies what percentage of time during a year when requirements are breached. These studies are best carried out using software that has advanced turbulence capabilities such as FLUENT, ACE or CFX. 

For thermal plume analysis, simulations of exhaust releases and other potentially relevant release sources (fin fans, large HVAC outlets, etc.) are carried out using CFD. The objective of these simulations will be to assess whether exhaust releases will affect items in the plume's vicinity such as crane operator cabins and helidecks and cause unacceptable temperature gradients or dangerous operating conditions.

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