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MEP Design and Project Management

George Alexopolous  leads the MEP Services section. 

George brings a wealth of experience  in MEP design leadership with over 20 years of major project design and project management.  

George Alxopolus
MEP Design and Project Management

Our MEP services includes MEP Design Services,  Drawings,  Drafting,  Modeling and advanced analysis including the use of advanced  CFD for efficient and sustainable design

Our capability also includes  energy  efficient and sustainability focused  projects, including  building energy rating inspections (energy audits)  as well as LEED audit and certification  (building energy rating certification) . 

Our drafting and modelling capability includes AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks, and many others.  Our project list is extensive. Some projects are listed below. 

Exerience List
Industial MEP
Specialst HVAC

We also carry out  general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis support in a wide range of applications including  


Flow assurance in gas and liquid pipelines

Modelling cavitation and turbulence

Liquid sloshing  modelling 

Heat exchangers modelling 

Pipe and valve erosion

Natural and forced ventilation of buildings

HVAC systems


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