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The Beirut Ammonium Nitrate explosion :  Where's the rest of the Ammonium Nitrate ? 

We specialise in fire and explosion accident investigations for the oil and gas sector. This includes fires and explosions as well as toxic (including H2S),as well as structural response to fire and explosions, structural failures and process failures. We have carried out investigations for clients in Australia, Asia and the Middle East including some of the biggest opcos in the world.

We use advanced analysis tools, in particular CFD and FEA to analyse event sequences that result in catastrophic failures and accidents to feed into a rigorous root cause analysis which takes into account all possible causes for each event. Fire and explosion accidents generally follow from unintended flammable gas or liquid release followed by dispersion and/or evaporation and subsequent immediate or delayed ignition. The need to investigate these accidents appropriately and arrive at the root causes is critical if these same accidents are to be prevented in the future.  

Buncefield explosion
oil mist jt accident simulation using CFD


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